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How to be an effective and Holistic Fraud Detective

21.04.2022. 18:00h

Hotel 88 Rooms, Takovska 49, 11000 Belgrade


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(How to be an effective and Holistic Fraud Detective and help remove Financial Damage from my organisation)

With Nigel Iyer and Nikola Korbar


Last year, the BBC called out fraud as a global epidemic and a national security threat.  Are we so sure? Fraud has been around for centuries and global surveys have for many years equated the cost to 5% of a company’s revenue or on a global scale around 5% of GDP each year.  Maybe this cost will rise slightly this year because of the real pandemic.

The cost of fraud is massive and corrosive, affects every country and every organisation.  Everyone who works with money, and especially internal auditors should be able to spot the warning signs of fraud early be it a greedy supplier, customer or middleman, false figures, front companies, criminal involvement and of course our own colleagues with an “over-developed sense of entitlement”.

This interactive, skills-based session will cover:

  • Demystifying Fraud and Corruption
  • How to “think like a thief” to identify the major frauds impacting your organisation?
  • “What kind of Fraud Detective are you?” (are your primary traits Transactional, Technocratic, Intuitive or Holistic)
  • Case examples and groupwork (can you spot the frauds?)
  • How to resolve fraud fast

This seminar will be facilitated by Nigel Iyer of the company B4, an international fraud detective for over 25 years) and Nikola Korbar (B4’s partner in Serbia and a leading crypto-currency and blockchain specialist with a talent for identifying and stopping fraud)

Participants who attend will also receive a special PDF copy of the Novelette “The Fraud Detectives” and taken from Nigel’s recent book How to Find Fraud and Corruption published by Routledge, slides and cases used and other materials.

O predavaču:

Global Fraud Detective and Author: Spent 25+ years finding and investigating fraud, resolving it humanely and getting others to do the same. Nigel Iyer (BSc, MA, ACA) is a Partner in B4 Investigate, co-founder of the Fraud Academy and a Fellow of the University of Leicester School of Management where he launched the “Defense against the Commercial Dark Arts” Masters module. Today he works both practically with the recognition, resolution and removal of the cost of fraud and teaches widely on how to prevent and defend against of fraud and corruption.

Since obtaining his degree in 1985 and qualifying as a UK Chartered Accountant, Nigel has worked passionately for over 20 years for the prevention, detection and investigation of fraud and corruption in industry, finance and the public sector. In recent years he has helped international and financial institutions develop strategies to ensure that Ethics and Integrity are fully integrated into the strategy from the top down. He has helped develop B4, a unique fraud and corruption risk assessment methodology to profile the occurrence and incidence of fraud and corruption, predict the type of frauds which are occurring, their impact and frequency.

Nigel is the author/co-author of four books: Fraud Resistance (2003), Fraud and Corruption Prevention and Detection, “A Short Guide to Fraud Risk” (2010), published in collaboration with the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) and the Management Novel “The Tightrope” (2011). He teaches at a number of institutions and business schools. Nigel writes and develops films, dramas and interactive multimedia training, all aimed at raising the awareness and managing the risk of Fraud and Corruption. Nigel also has a Masters in Screenwriting for Film and Television from the Royal Holloway College (London) and is the founder of “The Theatre of Corruption”. He is a CIMA fellow and currently serves on the CIMA Professional Standards Committee in London.Global Fraud Detective and Author: Spent 25+ years finding and investigating fraud, res


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Trajanje treninga: 2 sata (од 18.00 до 20.00 sati)

Broj CPE koji trening donosi: 2

Nivo skupa: Osnovni

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Jezik: engleski

Predavači: Nigel Iyer i Nikola Korbar


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