Konferencija IIA Slovenija 2024 – “Internal Audit as a Puzzle”



Dear internal auditors, friends and supporters of internal audit,

Welcome to the 13th international conference IIA Slovenia, which will be held in Bled, in Arnold hall, Rikli Balance Hotel, Cankarjeva cesta 4, Bled (it will also be held virtually via ZOOM) on 9th and 10th May 2024.

Internal Audit as a Puzzle

The work of an internal auditor can be compared to assembling a complex puzzle, where the internal auditor not only understands individual pieces but is able to see and understand the whole. As independent and objective experts, internal auditors offer invaluable insights and recommendations to decision-makers, which is only possible through the continuous expansion and connecting of our multidisciplinary knowledge.

In our effort to spread awareness and understanding of the role of internal auditing, we are proud to announce the 13th edition of the largest internal auditing conference in this part of Europe. The event will bring together renowned international and local experts who will share their knowledge and experience, illuminate lesser-known aspects of internal auditing, and encourage the exchange of practices among us. With the constant growth in conference attendance, nearing the number of 200, we aim not only to highlight but also to unite experts with the goal of joint development and improvement of internal auditing practices in Slovenia.

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continuous trust and support, which are crucial for our collective success. I am convinced that, by joining forces, we will continue to assemble the puzzle of the internal auditing profession, which is increasingly valued and essential for the public good. Your participation and contribution are indispensable in our shared commitment to excellence and integrity in internal auditing.

IIA Slovenia Board

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