Konferencija IIA Slovenija 2022 – “Internal audit 4.0.: Person, machine and internal audit”



Dear internal auditors, friends and supporters of internal audit,

Two years of virtual conferences has been enough, so it is time to see each other in person. Thus, we are inviting you to 11th international conference IIA Slovenia, which will be held in Bled, in Grand Hotel Toplice (it will also be held virtually via ZOOM) on 26th and 27th May.

COVID-19 has impacted our lives in the past two years, and now the war in Ukraine is bringing additional uncertainty. Internal audit as a strong foundation of internal governance is not immune to these events, but with its mission helps organization to make better decisions in these circumstances.

Maybe because of this, the theme of this year’s conference is a little different. The IIA Board has decided that these year’s conference theme will be: Internal audit 4.0.: person, machine, and internal audit.

The influence of robotization, automatization and IT in internal audit is undeniable, but all of these cannot and should not replace the professional judgement of internal auditors. And internal auditors should be aware of this: our greatest strength is the broad knowledge of our organizations.

Contents of the conference will be broad: from robotization to working habits of Slovenians, from corruption to »deep fake«, from social media to agile, from brains to ethical hacking.

All of this will be presented by the best lecturers from abroad and Slovenia. Thus, we are honoured that this year’s we have three keynote speakers:

  • Prof. Dr. Marc Eulerich, professor and one of the most cited researchers in the world about internal audit
  • Dr. Robert Šumi, President of The Commission for the Prevention of Corruption
  • Charles T. Wright, CIA, IIA Chairman of the Global Board, 2021-22

Of course, we have not forgotten about the informal gathering as for the past two years this was missing. So, for all the participants there will be free dinner on the first day of conference, that will be held in a hotel.

Come and join us on 26th May an 27th May 2022 and we are looking forward to meeting you.

Participation fee:

  • EUR 180/person including taxes for IIA Members (no matter which country) only (please send us your GAN to info@iia.si)
  • EUR 250/person including taxes General Admission.

For more details please visit following page.